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Sticker adhesive indelible in digital print;
Screen printing monochrome;
Complete customization with ceramic chips;

Shipping costs;
Terms of payment


Sticker adhesive indelible in digital print

Esempio personalizzazione fiches con sticker

For customization via stikers you can choose as a basis the chips you prefer from our catalog, we'll realize, according to your project, decals stickers. The cost basis for the minimum amount is € 0.17 stamp tax included, at least 500 seals (250 chips). The apposition is manual, if the customer decides to make personally affixing will be a discount.


Screen printing monochrome

Esempio personalizzazione fiches con serigrafia


In the customization screen printing with the chips you prefer, you can choose from our catalog, we'll realize, according to your design, screen printing monochrome which is usually a brand name, a value, or a slogan. The cost basis for the minimum amount is € 0.22 including VAT per printing pass, minimum 1000 steps (500 chips).

Complete customization with ceramic chips

Personalizzazione fiches in ceramica


This type of customization part by a token white ceramic which will be covered by a sergrafia . Since your project , you can achieve on the basis of a model that we will send you a request , we will realize a complete screen printing which will include both sides that the edges of the coin , the silkscreen is polychromatic . We recommend that you specify the colors used according to the Pantone to ensure that the work is finished colors match those of your progetto.La customization can predict the faces symmetrical or staggered ( alligned , unalligned ) , which affects the price .
For this option, the quantities are as follows:


Chips 300-499 (4 different names )
500-999 chips ( 5 different denominations )
1000 + chips (6 different names )
2000 chips ( 8 different denominations )
5000 + chips (10 different denominations )


Where denomination are different images or different colors from one chip to another.


Costs up to 300 chips are € 0.81 including VAT per token , within 1000 € 0.73 including VAT per token. The prices refer to the printing of the faces in a non- aligned , in case of necessity of printing aligned ( symmetrical faces ) the costs will be respectively € 0,92 and € 0.89 to token ( VAT always included ) .

Timing of implementation of customizations
The timetable for the implementation of the customizations are a guideline for the minimum amounts of 7 days for stickers and screen printing monochrome and 30 days for custom ceramic .
Shipping and handling charges
The shipping costs depend on the quantity of chips required . For minimum quantities the cost is € 10.00 in case of advance payment and € 14.50 in the case of cash on delivery.
Terms of payment
For the payment since it is a customization is expected always to the approval of the 50 % advance and the balance in graphic design or choice before shipment or delivery .