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Playing cards

Tavoloverde section dedicated to playing cards. Are offered over 400 different decks of playing cards. Playing cards proposals are organized into sub-sections for easy searching. In particular were evidenziete the sections dedicated to cards texas hold'em (or poker cards Texan), Copag playing cards, playing cards naipes Heraclio fournier, Modiano playing cards, playing cards Kem, US Playing Cards cards (Bicycle playing cards, cards d agioco Tally ho and playing cards Bee), playing cards ntp, Cartamundi playing cards, playing cards ptw, playing cards for visually impaired and blind, cards for magicians, cards and superb Halloween period and beyond, playing cards with brand ept (european poker tour), playing cards WPT (world poker Tour) and playing cards wsop (world poker series). Depending on the model proposed playing cards are plastic, PVC, cellulose acetate, cardboard duplex and triplex cardboard. Are generally high quality papers. The cards are to index large or small indices, also the indices of the cards can be two or four, some models also have mini indexes. Some models are proposed bridge cards into smaller format typical of this type of cards

Playing cards


  • Copag playing cards
    <p>Playing cards branded Copag.</p> <p>Playing cards COPAG are considered by players of any game the best playing cards in the world. Made from 100% PVC plastic, are designed to last 20 to 50 times longer than normal cards cardboard.</p> <p>COPAG cards are resistant to bending and tearing. The playing card Copag manipulated returns to its original shape, which is very popular in games like Texas Hold'em. The integrity of Copag 100% Plastic will never be compromised under conditions of normal game. They are built to last !!!</p> <p>The Cards COPAG are almost impossible to bend or mark. The playing cards are easy to COPAG will mix and allow to slide on each cloth playing in peno control.</p>
  • Fournier playing cards
    <p><span style="line-height:1.6;">Playing cards produced by Spanish companies Naipes Heraclio Fournier.</span></p> <p>Naipes Heraclio Fournier, SA was founded in Spain in 1868. Since then, and after several awards in Universal Exhibitions, the company has become the global benchmark of playing cards. Every detail has been created by artists and experts in printing methods. The traditional craft company remains today and the way to create playing cards remained the same. 95% of Spaniards uses playing cards Fournier.</p> <p>In the '90s, was made a process of integration with USPC (US Playing cards) in order to become the market leader with the best playing cards, as Bicycle, Fournier, Kem, Bee or Aviator. Since then, the share has reached more than 35% of the global market.</p> <p>Today Fournier is synonymous with quality, service, safety and durability.</p>
  • Carte Modiano
  • Carte PTW
  • Us Playing cards
    <p>For more than 125 years, The United States Playing Card Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality playing cards.</p> <p>For over 125 years, the Bicycle is a leading manufacturer and distributor of playing cards and creator of innovative games the whole family. The famous brands such BEE®, BICYCLE®, KEM®, and AVIATOR®<br />HOYLE® are all created by USPC.</p> <p>Since the 90 was added to the family of famous brands of playing cards of the Spanish Fournier.</p>
  • Ellusionist playing cards
    <p>Ellusionist was founded on January 1st, 2001 by <strong>Brad Christian</strong>.</p> <p>His goal was simple — to create the best online training environment for people who want to learn high-impact, effective magic tricks. </p>
  • Cards with tricks
    <p>Playing cards ideal for cardistry, magic and conjuring games</p>
  • Carte NTP
    <p>PVC playing cards produced by Teodomiro Dal Negro branded NTP</p>
  • Cartamundi playing cards
    <p>Cartamundi was established in 1970 as a joint venture combining the business of playing cards Brepols, Van Genechten and Biermans. Thus puts its 200 years of experience serving the manufacturing and selling playing cards and cards for games. The seat is Cartamundi in Turnhout, Belgium.</p>
  • Kem playing cards
    <p>Playing cards produced by USPC branded Kem</p>
  • Carte per ipovedenti
  • Halloween playing cards
    <p>The perfect Halloween playing cards</p>
  • Texas Hold'em
  • EPT playing cards
    <p>The European Poker Tour is the leading European poker circuit that organizes sports events of Texas Hold'em and other variants across Europe.</p> <p>In this section you can find the cards used by tournaments and branded by the major suppliers in the world of playing cards</p>
  • WPT playing cards
    <p>The World Poker Tour, WPT commonly abbreviated, is an international circuit of Texas Hold'em tournaments in which it participates most professional players worldwide.</p> <p>This section provides the playing cards used in this circuit with the brand of the world's leading companies in the production of playing cards</p>
  • WSOP playing cards
    <p>Playing cards produced with the brand's main international poker circuit, the WSOP (World Series of Poker)</p>
  • Theory11
    <p>Since that moment, theory11 has propelled forward to become the largest community of magic creators, with over 1,500 registered artists and hundreds of thousands of members around the world.<br />theory11 is the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards. To date, we’ve designed and produced 78 unique playing card designs. Our goal in playing card design is simple: to push the envelope and create the most breathtaking, innovative, elegant designs.</p>
  • Omnia playing cards
    <p>Playing cards Omnia inspired by the metaphysical vision designed by Giovanni Moroni</p>
  • Vanda Artists
    <p>Playing cards produced by a selection of artists specializing in design</p>
  • Cardistry
    <p>Cardistry is a name given to the performance art of card flourishing. The term is a portmanteau of "card" and "artistry". Unlike card magic, cardistry is meant to be visually impressive and appear very hard to execute. People who engage in cardistry are nicknamed "cardists". Some popular cardists are Chris Ramsay, Dan and Dave Buck, and The Virts; a team of 5 Cardists.</p>
  • Throwing cards
    <p>Section dedicated to throwing cards or those cards in poker format particularly suited to throwing techniques used mainly by magicians, but in general by fans of this dexterity.</p>
  • Dal Negro Playing cards
    <p>Section dedicated to the cards produced by Teodomiro Dal Negro prestigious company founded in Treviso in 1756 as a card factory of Austrian origin and bought by the Dal Negro family in 1928. Teodomiro Dal Negro offers cardboard and plastic cards for all needs. Among the brands acquired by Dal Negro we have NTP and Masenghini.</p>

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