About us

Tavoloverde © is a registered trademark since 2011 at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. 
PNO srl. is the company that owns the brand. PNO srl is a company founded in 2009 by the experience of companies since 2005 have occurred in the use of the name and the first Tavoloverde © trademarks or Tavoloverde.com ©. 
As part of trademarks and Tavoloverde.com Tavoloverde, PNO Ltd aims to distribute products in Italy related to the main card games: Poker, Texas Poker, Bridge, Rummy and regional card games or prestidigitation. 
In addition to the experience gained since 2005, PNO srl makes use of the leading suppliers in the domestic and international markets earning the recognition and approval of its customers. Since 2011 the site was born www.tavoloverde.org intended to support the sale of the brand Tavoloverde network throughout the country and internationally.


  • Tavoloverde di PNO srl

  • Sede legale: Via Guido Reni, 42 - 00196 Roma P.IVA IT10504521005 - Rea RM-1236184 

  • Magazzino: Via Val Grana, 6 - 00141 Roma 

  • Tel: 393.3200288 / 392.1079485 - Fax 06.23312510
  • email: info@tavoloverde.com