Poker Chips

This section is dedicated to Tavoloverde chips (or chips).

Tavoloverde proposes chips professional plastic insert metal, clay, ceramics and real clay.

The chips are numbered or unnumbered depending on the model and the numbering is present in the form of screen printing or stickers.

The chips have variable weights starting at 10 grams (ceramic and real clay) to 11.5 grams or 14 grams. Some of the chips produced are faithful reproductions of chips used in some of the most famous casinos

Poker Chips


  • Poker chips metal insert
    <p>Section dedicated to gaming chips (or poker chips) plastic whose weight is increased by a metal disk inserted inside which also attributes stability. The weight of these chips is 11.5 grams. The numbered models are made with a silkscreen.</p>
  • Clay poker chips
    <p>This section proposes Tavoloverde chips in clay. The chips are clay chips plastic mixed with clay. The quality of the chips and the weight are determined by the same percentage of clay in the mixture with the plastic. The clay chips have a weight ranging from 11.5 grams to 14 grams.</p>
  • Ceramic poker chips
    <p>Tavoloverde section devoted to ceramic chips. Ceramic chips are chips ceramic weighing 10 grams entirely screenprinted. The chips ceramic chips are perhaps the most widely used in casinos and even the chips with which you realize the main customizations. The chips ceramic has a very balanced weight distribution and an unmistakable sound.</p>
  • Real clay poker chips
    <p>Tavoloverde section dedicated to real clay chips. The chips in real clay chips are extremely expensive because very special: they are made of clay hand-painted with a metal disc embedded sided to represent the brand and the value of the chips. These chips are used in some casinos among the most important in the world and are heavy 10 grams.</p>
  • Poker chips NexGen
    <p>This section proposes Tavoloverde chips NexGen. NexGen chips are chips of new generation composite. The mixture of plastic material used was created with techniques designed to give high quality to this kind of chips. As a reference model were taken chips ceramic whose consistency is very similar.</p>

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