• Playing cards
    <p>Tavoloverde section dedicated to playing cards. Are offered over 400 different decks of playing cards. Playing cards proposals are organized into sub-sections for easy searching. In particular were evidenziete the sections dedicated to cards texas hold'em (or poker cards Texan), Copag playing cards, playing cards naipes Heraclio fournier, Modiano playing cards, playing cards Kem, US Playing Cards cards (Bicycle playing cards, cards d agioco Tally ho and playing cards Bee), playing cards ntp, Cartamundi playing cards, playing cards ptw, playing cards for visually impaired and blind, cards for magicians, cards and superb Halloween period and beyond, playing cards with brand ept (european poker tour), playing cards WPT (world poker Tour) and playing cards wsop (world poker series). Depending on the model proposed playing cards are plastic, PVC, cellulose acetate, cardboard duplex and triplex cardboard. Are generally high quality papers. The cards are to index large or small indices, also the indices of the cards can be two or four, some models also have mini indexes. Some models are proposed bridge cards into smaller format typical of this type of cards</p>
  • Game table
    <p>Tavoloverde section dedicated to gambling tables. This section proposed gaming tables with fixed legs and gaming tables with folding legs. The table games are offered by Italian manufacturing (made in Italy) and are made of beech wood with walnut color. The gaming tables are accompanied by a green cloth wool easily replaceable. The gaming tables are ideal as proposed tables Burraco, bridge tables and poker tables. The tables have a plan to play with variable size depending on the model. Each gaming table can be equipped with an accessory port and door glass ash</p>
  • Poker Chips
    <p>This section is dedicated to Tavoloverde chips (or chips).</p> <p>Tavoloverde proposes chips professional plastic insert metal, clay, ceramics and real clay.</p> <p>The chips are numbered or unnumbered depending on the model and the numbering is present in the form of screen printing or stickers.</p> <p>The chips have variable weights starting at 10 grams (ceramic and real clay) to 11.5 grams or 14 grams. Some of the chips produced are faithful reproductions of chips used in some of the most famous casinos</p>
  • Game Table top
    <p>Game table top oval and octagonal</p>
  • Accessories
    <p>Accessories, poker supply, card guard, card shuffler, dealer</p>
  • Regional cards
    <p>Regional playing cards</p>
  • Rummy
    <p>Everything for rummy player. Section dedicated to products for rummy. Tavoloverde offers a wide variety of cards ranging from cardboard rummy duplex to triplex cardboard up to plastic cards. Tavoloverde proposes Rummy folding tables and fixed removable legs of different sizes as needed. Discounts are available for clubs and associations Rummy.</p>
  • Bridge
    <p>Bridge playing cards and accessories</p>
  • Wear
    <p>Poker wear</p>
  • Books
    <p>Rummy and poker books</p>
  • Chipset
    <p>Poker chipset</p>
  • Party
    <p>party poker accessories</p>
  • Special Offers
    <p>Section dedicated to the products on offer and discount vouchers. Find here the perfect offer for you.</p>
  • Fidget Spinner
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span>Spinner fidgets are a concentration-stimulating antistress game characterized by a rotating body fixed to a central pin.</span> <span>Through a ball bearing and thanks to the movement generated by the player, the rotating body rotates along the central axis of rotation.</span></span></p>
  • Dart
    <p>Section dedicated to steel and soft darts, electronic targets, classic darts and darts accessories</p>
  • Tarot
    <p>Tarot cards</p>
  • Collectable playing cards
    <p>Advertising and collection cards in poker or bridge format dedicated to events, artists, nature and more. These are mostly cards made in Austria by Piatnik.</p>

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