Bicycle color collection
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Bicycle color collection


Bicycle playing cards various color collection

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A fine big- box inside of which has as many as 9 Bicycle decks in 9 different colors, among which 2 amazing new backs : the PINK and TURQUOISE (not sold separately) . This big news was conceived and created to enrich the collection of decks Bicycle , to do or make a nice gift or to have, at last, all the colors of Bicycle poker size decks ( dorsi -back rider ) to a really incredible price . Within this set , in fact , you will find 9 Bicycle decks and two professional mats ( one red and one black).
• Bicycle decks in all the colors so far created in ONE SHOT ONLY !
• The floor mats are included in the standard size (cm 40x27 , 5) and are professional . Made of 2 layers: non-slip rubber under , and soft fabric above.
• A great buy if all items in this set could be purchased individually , their total value would exceed € 100 .
• Here are the colors of the 9 clusters: Blue, Red , Black, Orange , Silver, Gold , Emerald, Fuchsia , Turquoise .
• The big- box looks like a case supergiant Bicycle content to turn in a slip- case. The dimensions are 45x33x4 cm .