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Trilogia internet vincere i tornei

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Complete trilogy on how to win online tournaments

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Written by PearlJammer , Rizen and Apestyles
In Internet Winning Poker Tournaments vol . The 200 hands played online are analyzed by the three authors . What makes this fascinating analysis of situations completely different and complex that it is almost always their thought processes will lead to the same conclusion.
The book is organized according to the levels of darkness and each author presents hands from Level 1 up to the bubble.
 In Internet Winning Poker Tournaments vol . II
have provided all the necessary information on how to get to the final table and ITM .
 In Internet Winning Poker Tournaments vol . III , Pearljammer , Apestyles and Rizen - three players who , together, have to their credit more than 2,000 final tables and more than 300 major victories and more than $ 10 million in prizes - analyze 50 new tricks taken by the major online tournaments.
 50 hands and three great architects of the modern poker !
Through their analysis will learn all the tricks that professional poker should always put in place during the course of a hand :
- How to change the style and type of game in relation to the size of the stack .
- As the payout structures of tournaments they can and should influence the strategies of play at the final table .
- The importance of table position in relation to the characteristics of the players who have yet to speak.
- When applying Game Theory and when to implement different strategies .
- How to read your opponents and how to exploit their weaknesses to the table.
 Reading this book is like attending a master dedicated to poker tournaments : the authors are not only great players but also the talented teachers!
 Poker is a fun game, but it's even more fun when you win.