Libro dei bluff


Italian book on how to master the technique of bluffing

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Bluffing . In poker there is nothing more exciting than a big bluff ! It is easy to win a pot with the best hand , it takes talent to win with the worst . To become a high-level player , you have to learn how and when to bluff .
For the first time, here is a unique book and understandable , which shows how to master this fundamental skill .
Both the beginner and the experienced player will learn from this book how, with the right timing and the right technique , you can dominate your opponents having lower cards .
Turn your trash hands in winning hands and start earning more !

This book has done for the teaching of poker more about the Book Tell Mike Caro.
I wish it had been written 60 years ago.

- Amarillo Slim Preston.

Completely understand the art of bluffing is essential in education for any poker player , for both offensive and defensive purposes .
Not only will you be more successful in putting into practice of the bluff , but it will be much easier for you to discover them . The Book of Bluff is destined to become the definitive work on the subject.

- David Apostolic , author of Tournament Poker and The Art of War and Machiavellian Poker Stategy .

Matt Lessinger helps you to recognize all the bluff situation : how to recognize the opponents to whom you can not make a bluff, how to realize the weakness of the other players , how to perform different types of bluff , how to represent strong hands , and much more.
The Book of Bluff will help both beginners and experienced players - is a good guide to the bluff.