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Biography in Italian of one of the biggest gamblers of all time

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The memories of the greatest gambler of all time

Thomas Austin Preston was born on December 31, 1928 in Johnson , Arkansas, United States. After her parents' divorce , she moved with her father in Amarillo, Texas, where he graduated and joined the army for a couple of years .

After this experience, he devoted himself to his true passion , the game . He knows Doyle Brunson and Brian Roberts and together they begin to exchange views on poker and betting , learning from each other . Are the 50s and the "trio of poker " begins to turn the United States in search of games and easy money. "

Amarillo Slim began to walk the path of fame in the poker as a rounder , turning to the States in search of poker games along with Doyle Brunson and Sailor Roberts. Only stories from that period of his life may be more than enough for a two-hour movie , not to talk about his rise to fame in 1972.
In that year he won the WSOP main event . Since then it has been one of the biggest names in poker. Even those who are strangers to the world of the gambler knows her name, thanks in part to the small role assigned in the film California Split , and a few appearances in the Talk Show . After bringing home the bracelet in 1972 , Slim has remained very active in the poker community not only by adding three more WSOP bracelets to his collection, but also presenting poker tournaments in South Africa and Australia each year.
In 2003, Slim has published his autobiography , Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People . The book is full of stories about poker games with the most famous figures such as President Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

A film based on Amarillo Slim is being developed . Nicolas Cage , winner of Oscar , has been cast to play the legendary poker player , in a film about the life of a gambler . Directed by Milos Forman, the film is based on this autobiographical book "Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People . " "When Amarillo Slim says he can win the WSOP last time, maybe it's time to bet on that check 1.5 million dollars! " Rick Reilly , Sports Illustrated

" If poker is indeed the true American game , then Amarillo Slim is the latest piece of American history. Partly Sheriff of the West, in part gambler, Slim is unique . " Andy Bellin , author of Poker Nation

"It 's one of the most colorful and instructive books on the life of a poker player at a high level . Packed with stories of various characters , including gamblers and cheaters , the book also contains great tips on the game of poker. "
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Some of the most famous phrases of Slim:

" Look around the table, if you do not see the raised chicken because the chicken is you. "

"Poker is a game of people ... it's not the hand that is served to me , are the people I play with . "

" No one wins forever and anyone who says so is either a liar or does not play poker . "