Pot Limit Omaha


Book in Italian on pot limit omaha

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If you've never tried Pot-Limit Omaha , you're missing the game more exciting and rewarding there is. Omaha Poker is finding more and more support among the more experienced players of Texas Hold 'Em , it is proving to be a good source of income due to the presence of many beginners at the gaming tables .

Is not it time to start?

Whether you are a professional cash game or that you practice your poker as a hobby - and that is to play live or online - this book will give you a winning strategy game , easy to manage even if you have never before played Omaha. You'll discover the subtle differences that distinguish the Omaha from other games . The main topics include :

- The objectives of the Big Play
- The strength of major projects
- Projects of scale and starting hands
- Play in a position
- Limit Omaha Hi / Lo and Pot -Limit Omaha Hi / Lo


Includes practical situations and hands of exercise, this is one of the most comprehensive books available sull'Omaha - and the only one you'll ever need .