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Quadrilogia Phil Gordon

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The four books in Italian Phil Gordon on special offer

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In this series of four books Pfhil Gordon , a quartet that can not miss in the library of a poker player , whether it is online or live .
In this series you will find:
Little Black Book - The Basics
Little Green Book - Strategy
Little Blue Book - Hands played
Little Gold Book - Poker 2.0
Little Black Book :
In this book, Gordon describes his readers what it means to start a career in poker,
behavior at the table , how much and when to give tips to the dealer , how to play solid poker and much more.
Little Green Book:
This is rightly considered as the bible of poker. Gordon begins with the axioms of poker and experienced players should know , but often forget .
Before closing with amusing descriptions of the characteristics of the players, with tables and tips
for the further reading , addresses two aspects that many players find difficult : the calculations and psychology.
Phil makes it easier to understand the implied odds , how to count outs , the psychology of the opponent tight and weak and
like you give a hand.
Little Blue Book:
This is the perfect result of the previous Little Green Book.
Introduced in the late game of no-limit cash games , with a little 'more attention for tournaments.
The book contains a number of examples of hands , divided by type of game and animated by elements of fiction that make them real.
These examples begin with the low limit games and end up with the game on the final table of the WSOP main event .
Little Gold Book :
Since Phil Gordon has shown in the Little Green Book the strategies and philosophies
needed to win in No Limit Hold'em , poker has changed quickly and dramatically.
After analyzing the new aspects of this game, Gordon takes a look at the Pot Limit Omaha,
currently the game more exciting , characterized by aggressive players and a constant pressure.
If you want to win, you must discover the Poker 2.0