I Segreti del Sit'n go non standard


Book in Italian on the variations of the sit n go


The secrets of sit'n'go non-standard
If you think you know the sit'n'go ... think again !
The sit'n'go ( single table tournament ) is one of the most popular forms of poker and exciting .
The format of sit'n'go classic consists of only one table of ten players where they are awarded to the first three , but this is not the only possible format .
There are many other ways to handle these events , which are ways of lucrative opportunities for the skilled player.
It Sit'n'go Secrets of non-standard Phil Shaw will guide you through these exciting variants and explains how to make them profitable .

Alternative sizes that are examined include:

• Sit'n'go in Heads-up ( two players )
• Sit'n'go two tables
• Sit'n'go 45 or 180 players
• Matches other than the no -limit games, including Pot-Limit Omaha , Stud, Razz, Triple Draw games and hi-lo
• Step Sit'n'go (where you can win entry to tournaments like the WSOP and the EPT ) ... and many more

In addition to a thorough examination of the correct strategies to use in all of these events , Secrets of non-standard Sit'n'go also analyzes the most effective ways to take advantage of various bonuses and rakeback .

Phil Shaw is a high-stakes poker player who has had success in all levels of sit'n'go , including those with buy-ins up to $ 5,000. He writes regularly in magazines Inside Poker and Poker Player and sign on to play the sit'n'go Cardrunners.com . His first book , Secrets of sit'n'gos , it has become the most important text for the game of Sit'n'go .