Internet vincere i tornei - Vol 2


Second volume in Italian dedicated to the early stages of tournaments online

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Learn from those who usually wins !

The bubble burst , and now you've arrived at the awards ?

Have you tried, you have built your stack, and now, finally , you are always closer to serious tournament prizes . At this point , playing intelligently is more crucial than ever , and who better than three of the most powerful practitioners of the modern poker tournaments can give you this advantage ?

They take you out of the bubble at the final table !

Volume 1 of this series has shed new light on how to dominate the early stages of the tournament and now, in Volume 2 , Pearljammer , Apestyles and Rizen - players who together have racked up more than 1,800 final tables , over 300 major wins , and more than ten million dollars in winnings - come back to show you how to beat the competition at the final table .

When you have a big stack in a tournament, the ability to analyze the play of opponents is more than a convenience - it's a necessity. In this exciting book you will be guided through the hands of true key tournaments , such things are right , which are wrong and what you need to do to win , including :

- How to use the changing dynamics of the size of the stack to your advantage while reducing the number of players in the tournament
- The strategies and tactics of the game only at the final table - How to dominate weak players and how to think on a higher level than the strong players
- How to take advantage to the maximum of your table image to confound your opponents
- How does the choice of hands in the game short-handed and heads-up play

Poker is a fun game, but it's even more fun when you win. Online or live , you have to stay calm and make the right moves to win big cash prizes. If you've come this far, these professional players will help you get to the end.