Odds and probabilities


Italian book on the theory of odds in poker


How often he wins a starting hand against a specific hand or random ?
What are the odds that your opponent has in his hand a pocket pair when raised ?
What is the probability that an over -card on the flop come down while you hold JJ ?
How do you determine if a project is affordable or not?
Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities answers all these questions and much more . Every single decision you make at the poker table is in some way related to odds and probabilities.
Whether you are deciding to bet, call , fold , raise, or even bluff , The odds and chances are an integral part of the decision-making process . Texas Hold'em Odds and Probability ' covers all types of game , including limit, no -limit and tournament strategies .
This book does more than just teach you how to calculate the odds , it focuses on how they should be applied to make better decisions . The approach of Hilger wants to show that you do not need to be a math wizards to succeed in poker. Simple concepts and strategies that anyone can learn , you will in a short time, to be able to confront the greatest players.
Some topics include: Bid for value , backdoor projects , decisions addressing all-in before the flop, protect your hand , the importance of the size of the stack and much more. In addition, as a reference, includes the most comprehensive collection of tables and statistics on Texas Hold'em never published .
Poker is a fun game, but it is a lot more when you win. Expert players understand the simple math behind every decision they make - now you can do it too.
Matthew Hilger is also the author of the bestseller on the internet poker, Internet Texas Hold'em, and is also the co-author along with Ian Taylor of The Poker Mindset .

The Author
How to Use this Book
Put to the Test
How to Calculate Odds and Probabilities
Basic Mathematics Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Probability and Odds
Calculator Odds
Summary of Chapter
Put to the Test
Apply Odds and Probabilities in Limit Hold'em
Playing Limit Hold'em. Concepts for the Beginner
Calculate the Odds
The Project in Limit Hold'em
Calculate the odds with two cards that have to Quit
Relaunching in the Base Value of Hand
Summary of Chapter
Put to the Test
Playing Limit Hold'em. Advanced Concepts
Implied Pot Odds
Outs against Douts
Calculate the Dout
Apply the Odds
The Games on the Internet compared to Games Live
projects Backdoor
Projects Color Backdoor
Projects Scale Backdoor
When is that projects Backdoor make a difference?
Summary of Chapter
Put to the Test
Apply Odds and Probabilities No-Limit Hold'em
Playing the No-Limit Hold'em
Play in All-in situations
The Pre - flop against a Range of Hands
Dealing with all kinds of Hands Before the Flop
The Semi- Bluff Before the Flop
All-in Flop
All-in on the Turn
Actual Implied Pot Odds Protecting Hand
The importance of the size of the Stack
Summary of Chapter
Put to the Test
Tables and Statistics Starting Hands
Probability of Receiving a Determined Starting Hand
Probability of Receiving a Hand Initial Quality
Probability for Each Position the Player
which has Relaunched Have a Pocket Pair
The probability that the player who has Relaunched
Have a Pocket Pair in a given range of Hands
the Flop
Probability of Certain Center Hands Flop
Probability of hitting a ladder to the Flop
Probability of close to a Flop Project with Scale -Out 8
Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities
Probability of Close to flop a ladder or a project with 8 Scale -Out
Probability of getting at least an over -card flop compared to your Pocket Pair
Probability of Certain Center Hands in a Showdown
Tables Showdown Situations Heads-up
Couples: Heads-up to the Showdown
High Card : Heads-up to the Showdown
Diverse hands : heads-up to the Showdown
Random hands : Heads-up to the Showdown