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Italian books dedicated to the management of emotions in online poker

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Poker is a game of incomplete information . We use mathematics and psychology to understand a situation , in order to compare the risks and benefits of a number of possibilities , and finally to make a move . Poker is much easier aerospace engineering , but you have to study . In this book , which is useful for online players and no , I will discuss general policy issues : right state of mind ( mindset ) , emotional control , bankroll management , attempts at higher levels , table selection and a posteriori analysis of their hands , which me is a concept of particular importance . In fact, I wanted to include collections of hands that have been played at the high-stakes tables . Will also talk about psychology : I'll teach you to read your opponent and use this skill in order to assign a specific hand and adapt to his game . There will be some points that will focus on math and someone will be rather complex but not see me propose mathematical problems disguised as problems pokeristici , or to ask questions when the answer is already inherent in the application or refuse to analyze a hand barricandomi behind a " dependent " . Thanks to the annotated history of some gaming sessions we will see how to apply , in a real poker game , the concepts focused . The majority of the sample hands will be drawn from consignments six-handed and heads-up . The purpose of this book is to point you specific moves , but to teach what are the considerations that you have to do, and they do not vary based on the number of players seated at the table. You have to learn what is important to think about while you play. I played a lot high-stakes NLHE , and I can say from experience that the way I think of the game, the way it's presented in this book and the way in which all the top players think, is quite similar.