Seven card stud


Book in Italian by Antonio Cerruti dedicated to Seven Stud

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The Italian poker is growing visibly and with this series of books dedicated to the card game the most beautiful in the world think of to help raise the average level of the movement. The Italian culture has always expressed creativity and imagination , and poker ( a real culture ) is certainly an area where we were born Italians seem to do well, now everything is going to put down a nice carpet culture. Thanks to our books the player will finally learn Italian in Italian , with lyrics written specifically for the Italian market and we are confident that appropriating the right strategies our readers / supporters have better chances to monetize . Because it is clear , our books privileggeranno always a textbook approach . No frills, zero fillers chapters , only substance , the essential right to sit at a table and start winning continuously . We do not want to forge the new champion of the world ( though, who knows) , we need to know ( and we know) to offer a great product to the thousands of Italians who love poker and that thanks to the internet can test without too many concussions .