Mixed Mindset


Italian book dedicated to an analysis report on online poker experience


"This book is the result and the report of the analysis and the experience poker online that , since 2006 , I have done on most of the poker rooms that offers the global gaming market . There is no new specials online poker or of on-line poker, as has recently been described ( 1 ), on which these five years , I have not experimented in some way , deepening the aspects and the specificity. What I have written below and elaborate, does not want to be a manual, but the exposure in the open form of several lines of analytical research on the subject that , in many ways , they offer a vision and the prospect of an unusual approach to Poker online. All paths , as I mentioned , they are, nothing more and nothing less than that , i think the process with which I approached my business from grinder and on which , I base as well, my method of coaching that is now in its third season. Cristiano Mario Sabbatini lives in Rome and began playing poker at the age of 14 years. An activity that has always been part of his life in some way : inseparable from it. It ' landed in the new specialty overseas at the beginning of 2006, both as a player and as an organizer of various events concerning especially Texas Hold'em. Despite the good results in economic terms obtained by Sit & Go Live Texas Hold'em 100, 200 and even 500 euro buy-in , this discipline has never particularly caught his attention and already after a couple of months of this story was landed in the specialty dell'HORSE especially Omaha Hi -Lo. This also coincided with his adventure in the online world of these disciplines in which, it is literally dived . After a period of adaptation has finally decided to play mostly the specialty cash fixed limit Omaha Hi -Lo 6 handed tables on the usual levels by 1 /2, 2 /4, 3/6 , with frequent incursions also 5 / 10 and over . That was until September 2008 where , as a result of legislative changes that have taken place in the field of poker in Italy, he decided to take a pause for reflection and realized that if he had not contributed in any way to the spread of this discipline in Italy , not would no longer be able to play at his usual level . In addition to his work as a player , likes to deepen the theoretical and tactical skill games , especially through participation in various study group and follows a fifteen players on- line through its coaching courses relating to basic and advanced ' PL Omaha High and Hi -Lo Pot Limit and Fixed , with particular reference to how Cash Game . Since 2009 he works closely with IPC , portal Poker Sportivo magazine , publishing articles in tactics and strategy sull'Omaha . Lately, on this same portal , has published articles on Coaching with the assistance of Dr. Laura Quintarelli , President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Italy . April 2010 its consulting Boogaloo Publishing Julius Ravagni on the subediting translation of "Secret of Professional Pot Limit Omaha " by Rolf Slotboom and its Postfazione.Fa the Staff Omaha- Mode.com , the only Italian portal entirely dedicated to this variant of poker.