Shorthanded no limit hold'em


Danny Ashman book in Italian that describes how a pro plays

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This book will not tell you exactly how to play poker . Instead describe how I play and how I and other "top pros" think when we play . The reason that led me to choose this approach is justified by the fact that it is impossible to create a defined set of rules that indicate how to deal with or how to judge a specific situation. The most important things are the concepts and ideas. Poker is always situational , but once you get to know the kind of considerations that are crucial in a logical process , then get to determine a decision will become much easier and it will be only a matter of gaining experience . This book is written for poker players with a bit ' of experience , it is not for beginners. What differentiates this book is the development of advanced applications of the basic concepts , which is pretty much everything in the high stakes NLHE games . The reading of the hands and the mental discipline are two of the most important elements in poker. For much of this book is not an abstract theoretical concepts , but actually a collection of hands played ( shorthanded and heads-up , as it is in these two typical situations that refers to the material in this book). The type of thinking required to properly play the hand , and the ideas and concepts that have supported certain decisions , will be explained in a very specific way and in great detail.