Pot limit omaha


Italian book on poker strategy dedicated to the pot limit omaha

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This book is not a book on " how to play " , or at least not primarily , more than anything else is a collection of my strategies, my views and some of my play. Only in the two chapters probably the most important book, " Mani example " and " Hands - challenge and analysis," talk about some specific tactics on how you should or should not play. In almost all chapters describe just how I play based on games , limits and structures. Moreover , most of the strategies I discuss involve feelings about the trends and the specific weaknesses of the opponents, and adapt to the flow of a game. So it should be clear that this book does not have a coherent game plan , nor easy tips that can help you go from A to Z without reasoning a lot. What I will give you a detailed analysis of the various game plans that I have used over the years to address the different types of games in which I participated . In the wider section on the online game I've ever seen in a book of the PLO , you will find the winning tactics that I have used and still use . The way I play is not always appreciated or understood , even by the best players, but here we will analyze in depth every aspect , to help you benefit from them. Finally , I have included a special section on the adjustments to be made for the short-handed games online. If you are looking for simple answers and / or you are the type of person who likes to achieve goals with minimal effort , then maybe you have the wrong book, and surely you have the wrong author . I believe in old values such as dedication , hard work , effort , discipline, and a total involvement in the game, to play at the highest possible level . If you are not able or do not want to deal with this effort, there is not much I can do to help you improve . But if you intend to do my best , then I am sure that this book will offer you a variety of information and stimuli that can take off your game at a high level , if not very high.