Kill Razz - Marco Trevix


Book written in Italian by Marco Trevix dedicated to Razz

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Currently Razz is the variant of poker extra no limit hold ' em that is attracting an increasing number of Italian players , also as part of the HORSE that is gaining a foothold in our country. Razz is a simple, fun and can be an interesting combination with the philosophy of the game of many poker players from our own . With this text to study the Boogaloo Publishing and Mark Trevix bridge the gap is the lack of works on the razz , offering a rare book in many ways , and proving once again the editorial will cover all disciplines , not just hold ' em . A national movement poker if he wants to establish itself in the world must necessarily also deal with subjects that for now there are still moving into the mainstream (in Italy) .
From retrocopertna : From numerous surveys online , razz is the third form of poker players favorite Italian in Italy and despite a recent game introduction . The literature on the razz is very thin and is currently commercially available only text devoted exclusively to razz . With his second book, Marco Trevix , author of Kill Luck and ardent fan of " mixed games " , offers a rich and detailed text on the strategy and dynamics of games razz . The text describes a variety of topics , including: the actual quality of a starting hand , the institution of stealing , stealing and semi- controstealing , the basic strategy and advanced at each stage of the game, the mathematical basis , the bluff , the unmasking of bluffing , reading hands of the enemy and all other institutions of the typical poker applied to this variant. There is also a section on heads-up play and peppered with remarks about tournaments . In addition to numerous examples throughout the book, are then given a normal game of 40 hands and 20 hands of heads-up matches . Complete a chapter on the book tells a glossary and five star hotels. Kill Razz is a must for any poker player who loves this game or you want to deal with the increasingly popular mixed games .