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Book written in Italian by T.J. Cloutier on how to get to the bottom in a tournament

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Many are able to play no-limit hold'em good enough to overcome the initial stages of big tournaments without any problems. But few people know how to go all the way , and still less to know the secrets to climbing the top three and win a bracelet. If this scenario is familiar to you , then this is the book for you . The legendary champion T.J. Cloutier will teach you to accumulate enough chips to spend the moments before the bursting of the "bubble" , ie the phases in which you are eliminated without winning anything , and get to the final table . You will learn the strategies that led to the final table of the Main Event on several occasions than any other player in the world. T.J. will explain the theory , the how, the when and the why of each move from groped once you get in the prizes of a tournament, using the language simple and easy that made her so famous poker books . Starting with an explanation of the basic principles of the game tournament , table after table Cloutier will take you through the jungle of the advanced stages of the tournament. Along the way , you will learn many of the concepts he teaches in his " boot camp " across the country . Once you reach the final table , T.J. will guide you step -by-step to the top of the top of the steps of the prize pool . From the nine players will describe in detail the strategies to play against six , three and two opponents. We will then provide you with the moves to use in heads-up play to get the title, trophy and money. Cloutier then conclude his teachings and put you literally in his mind , retracing the playing techniques used at the final table of the $ 5,000 No- Limit Hold'em event at the World Series of Poker in 2005. Analyzing the tournament move after move , you'll discover how he won his sixth gold bracelet at the WSOP and groped by the moves to reach the final table .