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Italian book on the biography of Stuey Ungar myth of poker

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It was the Jim Morrison of the casino, a legend even before he became of age. Stuey Ungar , the son of a bookie jew on the Lower East Side of Manhattan , he left high school to become a phenomenon at the tables of the gambling dens . In a short time he ended up defeating every top player Gin Rummy on the East Coast . Funded by the Genovese crime family , Stuey soon began to travel the country in search of new opportunities for challengers and always put to the test. Just when nobody was more of a challenge Gin, Stuey jumped on poker, with insatiable hunger for action and no fear . Poker and particularly the no-limit hold 'em would be his consecration. In Las Vegas won the World Series of Poker three times, a record . After his rise began to encounter obstacles, mainly because of his private life, he suffered terrible shocks . This is the amazing story of a man who has triumphed in his game but lost control over their lives . Whether you burn his winnings to the races or a single shot at the craps table , Stuey was notorious for risk until the last dollar in his pocket. Although in his career he had won an estimated thirty million dollars , was found dead at the age of 45 years in a Las Vegas motel with $ 800 in his pocket and no bank account. This official biography reconstructs an era and tells the gambler sincerely much as the man , illuminating the dark genius of one of the most memorable figures in the world of poker.