Tournament poker advanced


Book by David Sklansky specifically for those who play poker tournaments

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The poker tournament is very different from the normal cash game . Although it may seem like the same thing ( by far) , there are many differences in strategies, and specific ones for tournaments are often unknown to many experienced cash game players . Some people excel at tournament poker , sometimes with suspicious regularity , but it is not about luck. These are players who know what are the best strategies to adopt , and how, and especially when , to change them. It is no coincidence that these players reach the final table more often than would be expected on average . This book clearly illustrates the specific strategies tournament , despite the boom in tournaments, only a small portion of players knows . This is not a manual to learn how to play poker , it is assumed that you already know how to play poker , maybe even good, but maybe not thoroughly familiar with the specific concepts for tournaments and / or does not know when to apply them. In that case, this manual is for you ! Some of the ideas discussed include : the Gap Concept , how chips change value with the increase of the levels, change the strategy according to the grow of the blind , the strategies for the all-in , playing the final table and take out of the deal , the " system " , focus on weak opponents , play with unusual pairs of aces and kings, to attack the blinds and much more ( a lot). This new version of "expanded " contains over one hundred pages of new material added since the first edition , entirely dedicated to the most popular variant of poker tournament of our day : the no-limit hold'em (though already thoroughly discussed in the rest of the book ) . WSOP here we come !