Poker tells


Book in Italian written by Mike Caro tells about the importance of tells

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Once you have mastered the basic elements of a winning formula for success with poker , psychology becomes the key ingredient in separating the players are able to break even by players who win consistently . The type of psychology applied to more profitable poker is the ability to read your opponents . This is exactly what I will explain in this book. Take this knowledge at the poker table and you win money , nothing could be simpler ! Any behavior of your opponents that helps you determine what their cards is called a tell . Looking closely you will notice that opponents through their behavior reveal the strength of their hands . There is a simple way to read your opponents . You have to learn the motivations that lie behind their actions. In this way, even when you meet a tell that you've never seen , you still get a good idea of what it might mean . When you're done with this book , you will not have to memorize all the actions of each opponent , because you'll be able to return to their behaviors in universal categories of tell . Often you'll know exactly what cards you have in hand and , even better , you will know why they are behaving in a certain way . You will enter deep in their thoughts. Sometimes you will know exactly which cards have an opponent , so that if the turn around to face up !
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