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Italian book devoted to the technique of the all in

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The move all-in , especially in the advanced stages of tournaments , no limit , it is now being used with great emphasis. KP did not cause this, but played anyway apripista.Oggi from the range to go all-in are much larger , and as a result have also changed the range to call . The young players from the Internet have played millions of hands online now and have come in live tournaments playing ultra- aggressively . Relentlessly the new school of poker, characterized by loose-aggressive play small ball and tight-aggressive strategies of type long ball, is the ousting of the old school poker . The old school players unwilling or unable to adapt to the modern game , they will have a hard time with this new clima.L ' influx of players online in live tournaments has caused a convergence of trends typical of the dynamics of the live game online tournaments. Our suggestion is to move heavily towards online strategies even in live tournaments . In this new edition includes the KP Strategies in " postcard " . We decided to do it for a couple of reasons : they add value to your investment and give you an alternative and more familiar to store ( and then apply ) strategies .