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Mike Caro's book in Italian on practical strategies in poker

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In these pages we will go well beyond the traditional tactics and tools offered by most poker books . You trudge to read this book, striving to separate the things that work from those that " do not work" , what is logical from what is not . Everything that you will find in this book "works" , it is logical and true. This book contains an entire arsenal of strategies to Hold ' em, tricks and tips of new compared to all the material that you've already seen or experienced . Many of these ideas , concepts or powerful strategies will be firsts for you (I've never been published in any book before) , you might have seen something else instead (but misunderstood ) elsewhere. This is the reason why the subtitle of this book in its original edition is "The Complete Missing Arsenal . "
In the book you will find hundreds of powerful concepts and 17 chapters chock-full of information on how to win in the games of Hold ' em ( Limit and No -Limit ) . For the first time Mike Caro reveals to such a wide audience the results of his research on all 169 categories of starting hands dell'Hold ' em . This exclusive material (the most powerful in the world classification of starting hand ) had previously been made known to only 800 world-class players and analysts poker (and sold for hundreds of dollars to other high-profile players ) . However, until now, had never been published .
The teaching method of Caro is to emphasize the concepts that have become an integral part of your game. What Mike did not do, will explain how to play each hand from any position at the table, or on every possible flop. There would not be enough books to do it properly . Instead you explain how you should think and how you should approach every situation that you face in a game of Hold ' em , with the secrets you 'll discover in these pages you will be able to find just the right answers.
The aim of this book is to make you make money by extracting more profit in situations where you have the best hand, using powerful bluff to push fold better hands than yours, by realizing when your opponent is bluffing , saving bets when you're beaten and much more.
You will learn very sophisticated concepts on how to bet , how to exploit the image , psychology and manipulation to manage and control various situations , how to read your opponents through the tell on how to increase profits with professional techniques and little known . You will be shown how you should play Hold ' em if this was your work ( and will become , after reading this book). Not only will you learn strategies to maximize profits, but you'll also learn the most effective ways to hold you tight money .
To stand in the tradition started by the Super / System by Doyle Brunson, the drafting of which book I worked in 1978 , this book reveals powerful strategies and revolutionary who have never been published before. By studying this book, you will benefit from the results of a life dedicated to research and gain experience in poker. These concepts and powerful strategies will open your eyes to new and more effective ways to make money with Hold ' em . Now is the time to learn. Get ready for this great adventure.