Inside poker mind


Italian book on how to think about poker hands

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Poker takes place in the mind of the players. Chips and cards are random elements . Think and make decisions, slip into the minds of your opponents , remove the immediate meaning from a web of values and seeds, and relate them to human behavior - all these things can be summed up in one word: Poker. Obviously, those who study the game can and should study the details and principles of poker in general terms, but as soon as one sits down to play delves into those activities within the " poker mindset " that determine success or failure. Since that fascinate me and I am very interested in these thought processes , I tried to make it the centerpiece of this book. They are a primary ingredient of "strategic thinking " and appear in various forms in most of the proposed material in this book. . My aim is to bring the reader into the mindset of the player while exploring the game and decide how to play his hand . I also paid attention to another dimension within the " poker mindset " , ie the impact of emotions in the game of poker. Here I have drawn from my past studies in clinical psychology , trying to bring a new level of discussion on the subject. You do not have to be a helpless victim to the tendency to go on "tilt ." I will give you ideas that will help you overcome these problems. In addition, we will examine the concepts that have been overlooked or not identified in the literature devoted to poker. I have included this material because it should educate and expose the illusions that sometimes deceive the players. My success did not come overnight . It required a lot of study and a deep and systematic approach to the game. This will be very important to you if you want to improve in these crucial aspects of the game, provided of course that you are willing to practice and study what will explain to you in this book. Inside Poker Mind , along with the right books on poker theory , can make a big difference to your game .