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Volume in Italian on the study of odds in poker

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This book will make you earn in tournaments "fast" Hold 'em no-limit , which have now become very popular on the net that is in the poker rooms around the world . We will also explain how to avoid being at the mercy of the cards that you captain and how to change the strategy of the game depending on the tournament you participate . You will also understand the importance of learning to act in a certain way to get the gain you hope . What is a tournament "fast" ? Is any multi-table tournament with blinds level lasting less than an hour. Events of this type generally require buy-in from $ 20 to $ 1000 and last for a minimum of two hours to a maximum of six or seven hours. If you think that to win these tournaments are worth the same strategies used for large events involving world-class players , the ones you see on television, you are wrong. And if you think you can adopt a unique strategy for each situation , you are wrong again, and your error comes at a price . This book is very different from all the ones you've read so far, even if you have read them all . I do not want to repeat the same old issues that had been presented in many different ways by the greatest authors of poker. It is a completely new work , which starts from the perspective of a professional entirely different , and it works.