Professional no limit hold'em


Italian book describing how the professionals are thinking about no limit

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This book describes how the professionals play and reason at a cash table . It is a book about the tricks and tools you will need if you want to make money playing no-limit hold'em day after day. We'll teach you how you should think in dealing with all the " small " decisions. Will help you plan out and make your own decisions "easy" smart decisions , and decisions "difficult" much simpler. The goal is to help you make money, so rather than teach one or two tricks that may serve in some occasional hand , will give you the keys to success , making you understand how they think and play in the pros. You will stimulate you and make you think . There will focus on the basic concepts of the game and also is not your typical book on no-limit , given that the chosen approach is different from that taken by most of the authors. " Basic Concepts " deals with odds and outs of how to calibrate your bets, and size of the stacks. In the section " The Basics " are laid the foundations of a solid strategy for no-limit . " The REM Process " outlines a series of steps that will guide you through every decision, from choosing whether to call a raise preflop to decide whether groped a bold bluff all- in on the river . The " Plan Compared Hands On Commitment" give you guidelines for what will be your game so that , instead of playing at random, all of your decisions will be coordinated to achieve a specific purpose . Finally, in the section " Planning Mass In Practice" will be put to the test your skills due to the problems that will help you integrate into your game all the concepts learned .