Heads up


Book written in Italian sull'Heads up by Collin Moshman

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Comparisons Heads-Up can happen in any type of game, even when all the seats at the table are occupied. Develop a fair dose of aggression can be difficult since heads-up battles are characterized by a game that requires you to bet and raise with many hands. The book deals with various types of situations HU including classic heads-up tournaments , cash games , the final two clashes in multi-table tournaments , and even clashes between the big blind and small blind in the tables full . Since the heads-up matches are becoming more widespread , being able to do well in this field can be very rewarding . This first book on the play heads-up no-limit discusses various topics , including: the expected value, equity and fundamental HU ; know some popular styles and take advantage of the style of the opponents, manipulate the pot size based on your hand and based on your opponent attack button limps , bluff multiple betting rounds and play aggressively ; distinguish what are the best strategies for tournaments and cash games ; exploit the style of your opponents through the metagame ; maximize your profits by studying the assimilating theory and concepts related to poker played at a professional level . Whether you are a professional heads-up , or that you had just approached this form of the game, here you will find the tools of the trade to build your success.