Hold'em Wisdom 2


Volume 2 in Italian on concepts and practices on poker strategy

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This book can bring your game to the next level. 50 concepts and strategies that I've covered in the first volume of Hold'em Wisdom I added another 50 new councils very effective. The 50 lessons , easy to read in this book are divided into four parts to get in a hurry on the road that leads to regular profits in cash games and final tables in tournaments. I started with some of my most effective strategies for tournaments, by focusing on every paragraph on a winning concept precise . The second part of the book shows you how to recognize and play against various types of players and how to take advantage of the position to rake in a greater number of dishes. The third section sets forth the betting strategies for the advanced no-limit hold'em used today by professionals. You will also learn how to use the small-ball to escape the ruin when you are off the beaten path and to bring you the biggest win possible when you have the best hand (or at least when your opponent thinks that you have ! ) . Finally, the last section will introduce you to the way of thinking of the experienced players and I'll explain how to convert the time you spend playing poker into profit. Together we will advance in mental processes which make use of professionals to make quality decisions that could lead to more and better play . If you like to play poker as much as I do , you owe it to yourself to explore new ideas, learn other ways to sharpen your skills and get the most enjoyment possible from playing poker. I hope that there might be more fun when you play hold'em and that makes you especially to win more chips!