Sit'n go strategy


Book in Italian on the sit n go by Collin Moshman

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In recent years it has increasingly imposed a particular formula of the tournament, the Sit ' n go . The Sit ' n Go is of increasing importance , both for the tournaments in their own right , both for the single table satellites that provide access to classic tournaments . The strategy that we propose is to adopt a cautious game in the beginning, when the blinds are small and each hand as you enter exposes you to the risk of a premature , but to play aggressively when the blinds are big and you begin in your firm to accumulate all the chips in play. This approach is rather simple but brutally effective. Specifically: When the blinds are low ( low -blind phase ) , play only those hands that you recognize as the hands of clear profit, and avoid large meals except when you feel confident in your chances of winning . When the blinds are intermediate ( mid -blind phase ) , begins to make the right attempts to steal the blinds and controrubare with decent hands and in the final position ( late position ) . When the blinds are high ( high- blind phase ) , carries out big raises to win a decent percentage. If necessary, run these bets with marginal hands that normally scarteresti . The first 3 parts of the book will provide the details for the game low -blind , blind, mid- , and high- blind. The remaining sections deal with important topics for the serious player sit n go , such as multi-table play , support software , and the selection of the table.