Harrington Volume 3


Third volume in the trilogy of Italian Dan Harrington poker

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This book is a compendium of the first two volumes. It consists of fifty problems based on tournament no-limit Hold ' em, both live and online. Some problems are quite simple , and illustrate and reinforce some technical aspects covered in the first two volumes. There are also problems that extend the discussion begun in the first two volumes , introducing some new ideas and developing further discussions of ideas already discussed. We've also included a few problems related to televised tournaments , and this will allow us to comment on the styles and strategies of some of the most famous players in the world. Putting together this book we have tried to include a representative set of problems and could cover topics related to various parts of the game. However, we have chosen to focus in on a particular aspect of the game play after the flop. The post flop play in no-limit Hold ' em is probably the most pronounced weakness in intermediate players . For those who have not yet begun to play post flop seems complicated and threatening. When you bet? When to check ? What do you deduce from the actions of an opponent ? It ' a huge topic , complex and important , and when many are in their first steps in the game no-limit tend to get lost . But be afraid to play after the flop leads to a dangerous remedy , what we call "fear -flop ", or an unreasonable desire to finish the whole decision-making process before seeing the flop.