Harrington Volume 2


The second volume in the trilogy of Italian Harrington poker

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The poker has swept like a storm the whole world, and the most played poker variation is undoubtedly the No Limit Hold ' em . In the first volume of this series Dan Harrington explained how to play in the early stages of a tournament, when most of the players have a lot of chips , and the blinds and antes are still low . In this volume instead show you how to play in the final stages of a tournament, when the field of participants is limited , blinds and antes continue to grow, and the prizes in several zeros can be seen on the horizon . The playable hands and the minimum requirements for the initial get in the game change dramatically in the tables of this type and not realize it can be fatal . You'll see how and when to test "moves" , and how to maneuver the game when you get in a few final table. You will understand how to play when the blinds become an increasing proportion of your stack . Also introduce the relations M and Q, and also my concept of "zones" , showing you how to change the concept of playability for various types of hands when you move from area to area . In addition to the tables will be analyzed such as the size of the stack and points of inflection are very different from each other , so that each player will have to act in different situations. You will study episodes that do not reflect the true value of your hands , or bluff , delayed bluff , check-raise , and the various forms of slow play . There is also a whole chapter devoted to heads-up play , with strategies that have so far remained exclusive of the best masters of poker. Finally , you'll see how to make agreements at the final table , or how to play in tournaments with multiple satellites , as well as some final looks at how psychology is applied to the game of poker tournament .