Harrington Volume 1


First volume of the famous trilogy of Italian Harrington poker

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The poker has swept like a storm the whole world, and the most played poker variation is undoubtedly the No Limit Hold ' em . Nowadays, thanks first of all tournaments on television every day of the week, thousands and thousands of players are ready to claim for themselves a bit ' of glory. In recent years, poker has exploded in popularity with the advent of mini cameras that allow viewers to watch television in the big tournaments , being able to follow the hands while they are being played. As a result , the tournaments that were once the most boring now can be followed on the screen, with the ability to understand something of what the various players are actually trying to do. A game that was once mysterious has become in the most unlikely of ways the ultimate in sport to follow in televisione.Harrington Vol 1 brings you to discover aspects of the game inevitably ignored by the cameras , the tactics required to cope with the hundreds , and sometimes thousands of hands you have to play to get to a final table. Strategies Harrington, sophisticated and validity proven by time , appearing for the first time in a book, and you'll need to survive the early and middle stages of a tournament. They are all tactics that the top players normally use to get to final tables around the world . Now you too can finally learn how to vary your style, optimize your betting patterns , analyze hands , respond to a re-raise , play to win the most money possible, react when captain bad cards and much more.