No Limit Hol'em Small Stakes


Italian book on no-limit hold'em written by Flynn, Mehta, Miller

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The authors' objective is to make you a professional , and to do that they have chosen a specific field of action , the small stakes games online $ 1 - $ 2 6 -max , which represent a critical threshold for professionals . And if you prefer playing live , you'll be more than satisfied with the same . Take a winner in the $ 1 - $ 2 6-max online and put in a $ 1 - $ 2 or $ 2 - $ 5 live , it's like taking a professional football and put on the field against boys : a massacre. This book, written in a clear but not for beginners, will teach an aggressive style . Online you will come across a good number of opponents who have already seen this approach and know more or less compete with it , but if you play live , often no one at the table will have the faintest idea how difendersi.Fin beginning of the book focuses on what should be a right mindset , insisting that we must always think in terms of equity . It also placed particular emphasis on the constant need to steal food , bluff or semi-bluff with projects , emphasizing the importance of theft regardless of whether they are of small plates or just the blinds. Also it talks about how to fight a certain passivity on the river, insisting on the importance of value betting , and is once and for all that all you can about 3-bet , 4 -bet and 5 -bet , on how to set the values of bet set and on the concepts of overbet and underbet . Very aprofondita is the treatment of the constant balancing of its lines of play, and how to isolate and exploit weaker players and to build on the story that you might have with a particular player , and in this are useful references to statistics provided by tracking software ( explained in detail ) that the authors conglobano constantly in the hands of such analysis . You will learn to play a hand , not because it shows a table there , or because they were seated in the proper position , but only because the hand has earning potential.