Analytical No Limit Hold'em


Analytical reflections on the game of poker in Italian

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Poker is definitely a game analytic is a game of skill . In each hand you have to deal with partial and incomplete information that you must use to make intelligent decisions . So how many beginners only consider the strength of their hands to make decisions, the more experienced players often ignore much of the value of the information available . To make the best moves necessary to analyze the situation, consider all the options available and choose the one that has the highest expectation . Even just ignore the seemingly less relevant information could make the difference between a winning and a losing bet . The ability to think analytically and to interpret and process in a fast and accurate all this information is the type of skill that makes a good poker player. In this book, we will focus exclusively on small tactical tips and tricks that can help you from time to time , but we will try to build a solid foundation on which to base your logical process . In this book we will analyze in depth a lot of hands , studying in depth the details that lie behind every decision , to get to develop many basic concepts in no-limit hold 'em . The hands in this book have all been played online, on short-handed no-limit hold'em with blinds of $ 5 / $ 10. Most of the hands comes from the 6-max , but there are also some heads-up and basically aim to illustrate the basic concepts of poker. Let's be clear also that we will not cover basic guidelines of pre-flop play , or fundamental poker , assuming that the reader is already familiar with these concepts.