Poker Formula 2 - Arnold Snyder


Analysis of pot odds in Italian for no-limit tournaments

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To earn per tournament no-limit hold 'em , you have to forget much of what I know about poker . Although there are many books on the market about tournaments and some contain excellent straight , authors are often "only" poker players , or worse , mathematicians ! Let's be clear from the outset that , with some exceptions , I will discuss and analyze the multi-table tournaments , no-limit hold 'em . I will not speak of satellite tournaments , limit, pot-limit , short-handed or heads-up , though much of what I reveal will also be applicable to some tournaments of this type. Skill and experience level of poker can be fully exploited only if you are able to merge with optimal strategies tournament , otherwise they lose effectiveness. A tournament called structured slow ( slow structure : the blinds start at low levels compared to the starting stack and lasts a long time ) is not a mere matter of pot odds , effective odds, implied odds and reverse implied odds. You can not reduce everything to count out your project for the nut flush . There is a list which may limit starting hand - select and how they could be played according to your stack size , position and action developed . No need to be a mathematician to make money with tournaments. Explain mathematical concepts when necessary, but it is much simpler than most of the authors would have you believe . In no-limit tournaments , it is relatively easy to earn money if you stop thinking like a regular poker player ...