Cash Game Volume 2 - Harrington


Second volume of the book in Italian cash game Harrington

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In these two new books authors have grappled with since the tournaments will take care of the other side of no-limit hold 'em : the world of cash games , which differs from tournaments in diversii aspects . To begin with , the blinds never grow up , and the doors are not usually allowed . In the majority of cash games, you can do a buy-in to a maximum of 100 times the big blind , while some live games , you can do a buy-in even higher. And unlike tournaments, cash games if you stay with a few chips you can re-buy . Aside from that, the rules that govern the two types of game are pretty much the same. However, these seemingly small differences that seem , are sufficient to make the two games are very different from each other. Players who play almost exclusively cash games are not comfortable with some of the dynamics that occur in tournaments. And on the other hand there are many specialists tournament figures that are miserable when they try to play cash . Which of the two specialties is more solid , more intricate , more intriguing ? It's easy. Despite the large prizes and glamor that characterize the tournaments, the specialty most difficult to master is that of the cash game . In these two books, we'll see exactly why, and learn strategies that will survive and even thrive in the world of cash games .