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Book in italian on cash games online written by Harrington

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For many of the players who are trying to get some good results playing no-limit cash games , the world of on-line is a frontier unavoidable , but it is an "environment" very different from the live casinos , for this is why you need to approach it in a different way and probably also with a different mental approach . In this book we will focus on the 6-max games . The reason is simple . If you are able to play well in one of these matches , the switch to a full-ring game will be simple . In 6-max tables there is a higher level of aggression . It is precisely for this reason that the scenario matches 6-max is the best place to learn how to master the online poker . The book is divided into five parts. In the first we will analyze the concepts that come into play when you play in NLHE cash . In " Play Online " , we'll see what makes online poker different from live play , explaining how to use the database and HUD , such as taking notes on your opponents , play multi-table , the selection of sites, tables and places. Under " Range and Distribution of hands" , we will show how it is possible to estimate the range of hands your opponents with the statistics of their HUD and the role played by the range in the decision to open with a raise with a limp or a 3 - bet. In " Beat the micro-stakes " ( $ 0.10 / $ 0.25) describe two different strategies of play: a conservative ideal for beginners in order to obtain profits without exposing yourself to too much risk , and an aggressive , to take advantage of the weakness and the shortcomings of typical game players of these games. In "Beating the Small - Stake " ( from $ 0.25 / $ 0.50 up to $ 1 / $ 2) explain that the players normally encountered at these levels play better than the micro-stakes , but in any case it is games which is simple enough to make a profit .