Raiser's edge


Book on the latest techniques of tournament poker in Italian

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Universe "fluid" and in continuous movement of tournament poker , the dominant trend is going in the direction of a game always looser and more aggressive ( LAG ) , according to which players spin the chips at the table at a speed dizzying . Raiser 's Edge shows you how to adapt to the most recent developments in tournament poker , analyzing the reasons for the style of play and Hyper- LAG LAG works , giving you the tools needed to adopt and defend yourself from those who adopt it . This book examines in detail the main techniques used by the best players in the world , including 3-bet 4 -betting , floating and squeeze , smooth- call and min -raising , thin value bet , the evolution of the metagame , along with an innovative analysis of equilibrium solutions based on starting hands and heads-up play . The book is enriched by an extensive appendix on how to spot the tells at the table , written in the body language expert Steve Van Aperen . To write this revolutionary text , Bertrand " ElkY" Grospellier , one of tournament poker player "hottest " of the moment , has teamed up with Lee Nelson and Tysen Streib , authors of the acclaimed book on advanced strategies for tournaments Kill Everyone , and with the poker star Tony Dust. With tournament poker evolving at a furious pace as well , who wants to take it really seriously should stay where important things happen at the top of the peak. Raiser 's Edge offers look more updated and powerful on the "state of things" to allow you to reach the top as quickly as possible .