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Book in Italian on Pot Limit Omaha written by William Jockusch

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If you are ready , this book can teach you many useful things on the PLO . We'll start with the basics, such as starting hands are playable and how to distinguish a great flop from a disastrous flop , until you get to illustrate the reasoning you need to do to play and win in the high-stakes games . Obviously, the mere reading of this book will not make you a winning player : it also serves a lot of experience . So start from the small -stakes games , where your initial losses likely will not make (too ) bad, although maybe you're already winning hold'em . When you are able to win games in less costly , you can level up, but do not overdo it . However, do not jump to too high a level for your abilities , but rather , if you start to lose your new level , go down until you find one stake to which you will be able to win. In addition, this book will also address some of the implications of the rule of the all- in in poker. It is a topic that includes the use and abuse of this rule, on which any serious poker player should reflect . So, if you play in games in which the players usually always find short-stack , this book will help you understand what it involves , and how to adapt your strategy. I do not claim that my book is a comprehensive manual on how to play pot-limit Omaha. It would be truer to say that it is able to provide you with several ideas that I hope you will find interesting , if you like this type of game (or any other variation of poker )