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Biography of Mike "The Mouth" Matusow in Italian

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I lived the life of a rock star . Strippers breathtaking sex with many women, wild partying , drug, so the drug. I attended the jet-set , I played high-stakes poker winning millions of dollars and threw the money as if they were confetti , thanks to my obsession with sports betting. That style of life seemed amazing , a dream come true , but there was a downside , it would make me finish even in jail. I had scaled the heights of the poker world with the character of "The Mouth" and won three WSOP bracelets , but because of the drugs I found myself fucking forever and also I did not know you have a bigger problem . Bipolar disorder began to manifest during my initiation to poker. I could play sessions sensational , winning a lot of money, to tell everyone that I was the best player in the world and only a few hours later to go back to my trailer and fall into a crippling depression to say the least . It is said that the poker pros have to control your emotions , but I have never been able to control myself. Even if I was okay I always felt that depression was lurking and when he managed to sneak my only way out was to go back to the gaming tables. Poker was the only relief , the only therapy that I knew and whom I trusted . I had to hit bottom before finding a real solution , and if things had taken a different turn could have ended badly. Today there are ten times as good a player . The experience taught me a lot about poker , but who can say how good I could be if I had not taken all those drugs ? And what would have been my life without poker? Maybe at some point I would have stuck a bullet in the head not being able to endure yet another pathetic humiliation video poker . But one night I discovered poker , poker or was to find me. And it was a wonderful trip , a wonderful experience and luckily I'm still alive to tell