Advanced Pot Limit Omaha Vol I


Advanced Pot Limit Omaha Vol I

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Contents: Pot - Limit Omaha , advanced concepts The book begins with a lengthy analysis of the concepts that relate to the advanced game , as the float ( technique of bluffing ) , pot odds and theories that teach the reader from the start a game that goes beyond the value of the hands.
Hwang then move on to the study of other important strategic concepts : the application of the concept of relationship to the PLO - plate stack (stack -to -pot ratio or SPR ), the strength of the deep stack , and the advantage of the location , The value bet and bluff .
All of these strategic concepts introduce the presentation of tactics such as the strategy of " small ball " , reraise before the flop and their applications in short-handed play .

Preface Italian Max Pescatori

I owe a lot to Omaha , and I'll never stop repeat . There are fond of for various reasons, but the main ones are two : this poker variant I love it because it's ultra- technical and challenging , both in tournaments and in cash games . But above all is the specialty in which I won "half" of my second title of world champion in Las Vegas in 2008. The specialty was Pot Limit Hold'em / Pot Limit Omaha and was the very first time that this tournament was played at the WSOP continues .........